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    Company Kolomejec d.o.o. was established in year 1992 and is engaged in the production, sales and service of connecting process and conveyor belts, as well as transmission belts.

    Today's manufacturing processes are setting high demands on the conveyor belt. Performing a certain processes during the transport is almost a rule now (drying, cooling, heating, wetting, sorting, counting, pouring sugar or flour...). That means that almost every conveyor belt is actually process belt too. Here it is important to emphasize how almost every company can produce conveyor belt, but this is not the case with process belt. Due to the requirements that the process belts must meet, few companies can actually produce it. Requirements for process belt are various: they must be resistant on vegetable and animal oils and fats, meet certain standards (FDS, USDA, HACCP... ), be resistant to high temperatures, be able to cross over "the knife? (low-rolled roller), they cannot rotten or lose their properties in time, they cannot produce toxic gases in case of burning, some of them need to be produced without connection point, cannot be not subject to daily bending and rotation, as well as many other requests that the users requires.
    Kolomejec d.o.o. is exclusive representative of prominent company Ammeraal for this region and we are using theirs high quality materials in production.

    Flat belts with a work side made of leather or artificial caoutchouc rubber are indispensable for applications requiring high efficiency (above 98%) as well as for high speed drives and for heavy duty applications (heavy impact loads, influences of oil and grease, water, ...). Drives can be either open, cross, semi-rigid, tangential, or spindleband, and are located in all industrial areas. Particularly the belt area includes round and strap belts used for transport purposes or for smaller power plants. These belts are assembled by melting (or mechanical coupling) either in the workshop or in the plant. Belt materials are product of prominent VIS and BEHA companies that we represent on our area. We are very happy to provide "know-how" for optimum selection of conveyor belt for light and medium loads as well as flat belts for all drives. We can offer you more than a hundred different strips and straps from the standard program, and if needed, the straps can be produced on a special request.

    The process of connecting the process and conveyor belts is of great significance. The belt is as good as its connection point. This part is often problematic, for example in case of mechanical couplings or when belts are bonding with either cold or warm process ? that results with connection that is thicker and stiffer than the rest of the belt. We have managed to eliminate this problem, using a warm process without the use of connecting materials (adhesives etc.). We are using melting as a merger process. In that process, we use a folded "finger" connection and that is a unique way of connecting and a way that our competitors do not use. We combine the belts in warm process in high-quality presses so that the connections are completely reliable. In addition, if needed, we can connect straps and belts on site, right on the machine, and we can respond to your call in same day and remove the production jam caused by conveyor or transmission belt. Kolomejec d.o.o. has many years of experience in this field so we are definitely a good and reliable partner for practical advice, and above all production, sales and service of connection process and conveyor belts, as well as strapping transfer.


    Through our years of work, we have acquired eminent partners on the Croatian market such as:

    Badel 1862

    Bilokalnik IPA



    Čakovečki mlinovi


    Drvna industrija Novoselac (DIN)


    Valoviti papir Dunapack




    IPK Kandit


    Karlovačka pivovara

    Knauf Insulation




    Lipa Mill


    Model pakiranja

    Mondi Packaging

    Oprema strojevi



    PIK Vrbovec

    PIK Rijeka




    PPK Karlovac


    Sladorana d.d. Županja

    Solana Pag


    Tiskara Zagreb

    TLM Šibenik

    TSH Čakovec



    Tvornica kruha Zadar

    Tvornica ulja Čepin

    Vetropack straža



    Vutex Feniks

    Zagrebačke pekarne

    Zagrebačka pivovara

    Zračna luka Split

    Zračna luka Zagreb




    etc ...